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Debut Album

Where The Pine Trees Grow

Out now

Dear Listener

My debut album Where The Pine Trees Grow is inspired by lessons I learned while growing up at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. As an adult I moved to the city of angels, and have been living here in Los Angeles for the last six years. The love I have for Northern Nevada and the longing to be home has brought a lot of my songs to life. Two of the things I miss and love are the pine trees and the sage brush. Pines are reliable, stand their ground, give oxygen, block out chilling winds, and provide shelter through all types of weather. These trees taught me how to be a strong and compassionate person. The sage that grew in my hometown taught me to purify my life and leave my small town so I may have more room to grow. If you’ve been to these places you could see they are quite different. The contrasting scenery often makes me feel homesick and lonely for nature. 

This collection of songs were written during 2019 while Torin and I were busy working in restaurants and playing weekly shows. Working in the service industry is tough mentally and psychically. Sometimes you leave work feeling like you have nothing left to give, and other times you feel inspired by others generosity. Through live music we felt like we were doing a lot of healing inside and outside of ourselves. Thank you to everyone for inspiring the music in us, we owe this music to you.

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a rough year. Torin and I have also gone through our own hardships, and ended up postponing their album release. We tossed back and forth on whether or not to release their album this year. There was a lot going on globally from March to August that made it hard to stay optimistic and inspired. After some deep thinking we realized that maybe this album could possibly be a bandaid to the pain of 2020. This year has been filled with hardships for everyone, and we want to help ease your pain. 

This album is a gift to anyone who is experiencing any amount of stress, loss or loneliness. We hope when you press play you will be taken away from your worries and give you a place to emote, and maybe even dance.

Instructions for album: dim the lights, put on something comfortable, light some candles, inhale, exhale, and press play.

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