Adriana and The Wildflowers is a folk rock band featuring sweeping cello melodies, thought provoking lyrics, and enchanting vocals. Coming from opposite ends of the country Adriana is from a little town tucked between the Sierra Nevada Mountains, while Torin is from a beach town on the east coast. Together they create a balance of mountain stories and city rhythm. 

Beginning as a duet, The Wildflowers met in LA and found their sound performing in intimate acoustic venues. Audiences were swept away in rich storytelling and a unique sonic landscape composed of cello and acoustic guitar. This was complimented with percussion, and for certain tunes the drums got everyone dancing on their feet. 

When they’re not in the studio recording, Adriana and The Wildflowers collaborates with Around The Stage Dance in creating new performance pieces incorporating music, story telling and dance. The recently put on the Show Biz Cabaret at the Reno Little Theater in Reno, NV. They also perform in all types of venues around Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and many other cities. Currently recording a full length LP “Where the pine trees grow”, their EP “The Girl with Sunflower Eyes” is now available everywhere. 



To whom it may concern,

My life began on the island of Oahu, where the spirit of nature left a mark on my soul despite only living there for the first two years of my life. Once moving to the continental United States, I moved across the east coast for a couple of years, eventually traveling west with my family and landing in Carson City, Nevada.

The small town I grew up in is tucked away beneath the Sierra Nevadas, and the mountain climate of Nevada has heavily influenced my art. I spent many summers at Lake Tahoe and took every opportunity I could to explore the nature around me. For the majority of my life, my family lived behind my uncle’s Mexican restaurant in a small but never boring home. I shared a room with my three sisters, where my top bunk became my hideaway.

One of my earliest memories of music was receiving a portable CD player for Christmas when I was seven. Biking through the streets of Carson City listening to Cat Stevens became my remedy for life’s overwhelming challenges. Many of my earliest life memories involve my dad, and he largely influenced my love for Cat Stevens. I would hear Cat’s words ringing in my ears as a pedaled as fast as I could:

Oh peace train’s sounding louder, glide on the peace train.’

I’d bike until the tears dried on my cheeks and a fresh sunburn chapped my face. Music has been and always will be there for me.

In many ways, music was my education. My sisters and I were homeschooled, but at times it didn’t feel structured enough to be considered school. Between Google and common sense, I was able to forge my own path through early education. However, In a world where so much weight is put on where and how you were educated, being self-taught can lead to self-doubt.

My ability to self-teach led me to my true calling at age sixteen, when I bought my first guitar thanks to the birthday cash I’d saved. I was over the moon for my new Ibanez Art-wood series acoustic. On the first Friday of every month, you’d find me at the local coffee shop playing at open mics. It was there that I played my first original song among my peers and felt the electric energy of performing in front of a live audience. Once the open mics started, everything that came before that stopped. I traded in pre-alegra for choir, soccer for theater, and spent most of my alone time with my guitar. My high school years weren’t traditional by any means, but I was able to establish an irreplaceable relationship with the arts. By nineteen, I had starred in many local theater productions including; Mimi in RENT, Elle Woods in Legally Blonde The Musical, and Gertrude McFuzz in Suessical the Musical. I performed across the west coast with various ensembles and received my GED to put my education insecurities behind me once and for all.

I let my music take me where my heart wants to go.’


Cat taught me to trust my instincts and listen to the signs the universe would give me. The winds of change guided my unconventional upbringing to eventually lead me to my new home, Los Angeles. Now almost six years ago, I took my $1,500 in savings and Volkwagen Eurovan to southern California and haven’t left since. Once I discovered my passion for songwriting, things started falling into place. I met Torin Wright, the finest cellist I’ve ever known and the man who would become my bandmate. We’ve been inseparable ever since we met at an open mic and our relationship has taught me how to write love songs. His composition ideas for cello, bass, violin and drums inspire me to look a little deeper in to what a piece needs. From hearing the glide of his bow to plucking the stings on his cello, he's constantly creating magic which encourages me to be a better musician. We've been lucky enough to travel around and play music for people near and far. We hope to share our music with you soon,



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